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Target level for 7th grade (New to RSM)

Hello! Our 12 year old daughter will be new to RSM this school year.
After taking the placement test, we are uncertain about which level would be the best fit. I had assumed either level F or G, but after further reading maybe she should already be in level H -- or even the Video Text lessons (which may not be feasible, as we are a sailing family and require mostly offline / print curriculum that's not dependent on internet)?

My confusion is partly that the concepts we covered for 6th seem to overlap with some of what is listed as 7th-comparable lessons. So mapping what she's already covered to what's next isn't quite apples to apples. Or maybe I'm misunderstanding, given that some concepts spiral / repeat? Feeling out of my depth with all the jargon for the various concepts too.

Mainly trying to sort it so she's building the right sequence of skills to level up toward algebra & geometry (and not doing any unnecessarily redundant work). Also trying to keep her on track to align when/if she reenters traditional high school. Given that, we try to align with California common core standards for 7th as much as possible.

She is a strong student, and does well with math concepts - however has very weak automaticity, weak math facts and somewhat slower than average processing speed. She also has test anxiety.

Appreciate any guidance you can share!

If helpful...
Last year (6th grade), we used a mix of Calvert Math and another program that was designated as "pre-pre-algebra" and covered the following:
Factors, multiples
Prime & composite numbers
Order of operations to simplify expressions
Integers, fractions and decimals on vertical and horizontal number lines
Prime factorization
Greatest common factor
Distributive property
Least common multiple
Exponents and Roots (determine square root, cube root)
Multiplying & Dividing fractions and decimals
Units of conversion
Lines, Rays & segments
Measuring & classifying angles
Classifying triangles
Types of polygons & quadrilaterals
Rotational symmetry, translations, tessellations
Multiplying & dividing negative numbers
Coordinate planes
Ratios, rates, proportions
Probability (independent, dependent, compound)
Geometric probability

Re: Target level for 7th grade (New to RSM)

Hi, Melissa.

I sent you an email this morning regarding placement for your daughter.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Have a great day!