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placement question

Hi--this is for a homeschool situation. My 7 year old placed into level D, but I'm wondering if he'll have gaps because the placement test didn't address geometry. He has a strong number sense and once I showed him how to regroup he was able to easily do the four digit subtraction with borrowing. His background is ST-Math and earlier he was in a Montessori preschool (where he learned place value). Should I go ahead with Level D? I do not want to back up to C if he doesn't need it because he enjoys the challenge. Thank you!

Re: placement question

Hi, Katie! My name is Rachel and I am happy to address your question today.

I am so excited that you are considering RightStart Math for your son. I have used/am using RightStart with my four children and have been extremely pleased with their math education.

If your son can borrow/trade for up to 4-digit subtraction equations, then he is ready to move on into Level D.

Level D will really work on multiplication. It will spend a small amount of time reviewing addition (with carrying) and subtraction (with borrowing), but it will assume that those skills are solid. Then it will work heavily on multiplication - as well as other math concepts, such as Geometry, fractions, money, etc.

If you feel that your son is not strong with his subtraction (into borrowing), then you may want to consider having him work through Level C. Level C will really work hard on subtraction math facts and place value to help students understand the how and why of borrowing/trading. Of course, Level C will also work on addition, fractions, geometry, time and money, etc.

Do not worry if your son has not had much education in the way of Geometry (or even in fractions). Level D (and Level C) will spend enough time to help him learn the basics of those concepts.

I hope that helps! Of course, if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to post them here. Or you can email us directly at

Have a great day!