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RSM edition 2 Level A or B

I am new to Righstart Math. My son is going into kindergarten and tested into Level A. My daughter is going into 2nd grade and tested into level B. A friend recommended that I should just do Level B with both of them since the first 10 lessons of Level B are review (and they could also play games together). But I also don't want to skip giving my son a solid math foundation.
I should add that I have 5 kids that I am teaching each day and the one thing that I am a little nervous about RightStart Math is the time commitment I keep reading about. But at the end of the day, I feel like I'm going to be teaching math anyway, why not teach it in a way that we both enjoy?!
Thanks in advance for any advice and opinions!

Re: RSM edition 2 Level A or B

Hi, Deanna. My name is Rachel and I am happy to help you today.

Thank you for your post. I am sorry for the delay in responding. I was working a homeschool convention and am still trying to catch up! ;-)

In the Second Edition, you will definitely want to put your younger student (kindergartner) in Level A. Level B will review the concepts, but it will quickly get quite complex (adding with two-digit numbers). That is quite a heavy concept for a young student still learning simple addition facts.

As far as the time commitment goes, for Level A, I NEVER spent more than 10 minutes on a lesson. If the lesson happened to go longer (which was very rare, even for my struggling learners), I would put a sticky note on the place where I stopped and continue the lesson the next day. Young children do not need more than ten minutes. Anything longer and most kids lose their attention, anyway. ;-)

For Level B, I would spend about 15 minutes on a lesson (although, many lessons were shorter than that). Again, these kiddos are young and probably do not have an attention span to work much longer.

The important part, though is to be sure your child has the firm foundation. Spending a total of 30 minutes a day for two children is definitely worth providing that math foundation for them.

You had mentioned that you have five children. I have four children and also have two part time jobs. There was a time when I was teaching three different levels in addition to teaching all their other subjects - plus working two jobs. It takes some balancing, but it can be done. I rarely spent more than 20 minutes on a lesson. If the lesson required more time, I would again put a sticky note on that section and move on. In the end, I am SO GLAD that I used RightStart Math. My strong learner did extremely well in his higher math courses - and tested very well on the math portion of his ACT and TEAS test for his nursing school admission test. My struggling learner (could not read until third grade type of struggle!), did extremely well in high school Algebra I and II. In fact, he pretty much did that course completely by himself and got an A- in that course. I know he did well because of RightStart Math.

Invest the time now, and later you will reap wonderful benefits!

If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to post here or email RightStart Math directly at

Have a great summer!