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Difference between first and second editions?

Hi! I'm getting ready to order level B and I was just wondering what the difference between the first and second editions are. Thanks!

Re: Difference between first and second editions?

Hi, Sarah!

There are a number of differences between the First and the Second Edition.

First of all, the First Edition was written in the 1990's while the Second Edition is currently being written. In the Second Edition, Dr. Cotter includes more manipulative usage to help the students solidify the concepts much better. In addition, there are MORE math card games. While the First Edition suggests card games to play in many of the lessons, the Second Edition has at least one game per lesson. This helps the parent know exactly what game to play and when. No longer does the parent need to browse through the Math Card Game Manual and find something that will work. In addition, more card games were written for the Second Edition.

The other thing I have enjoyed in the Second Edition is that there are more review lessons and more 'official' assessments provided in the Second Edition. Finally, the the manual is much easier to follow - for the mom! ;-)

On a personal note, I used the First Edition with my first three children and have always been impressed with how my kids learned math. However, with my fourth child I decided to go ahead and purchase the Second Edition. I can tell you that I absolutely LOVE it!!!!! I didn't think Dr. Cotter could improve on the First Edition, but she sure did! If you are able to get the Second Edition, I HIGHLY recommend it!

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Have a great day!