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Have a great day and remember to play a math card game! 


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Re: Easy Summer Intro to RS

Hi, Heather!

Actually, the best way to introduce your child to RightStart Math (especially through the summer) is to play the math card games. They are really fun and it introduces how to use the AL Abacus. In addition, you can strengthen up/help retain math facts over the summer! ;-)

Here is a link to our Math Card Games Kit if you are interested:

Also, the beginning of the Second Edition Level B has 'transitional' lessons that will help learn not only how to use a variety of the manipulatives, but also how the program works overall.

If you are not wanting to invest in the entire program upfront, you can opt to just get the Math Card Game Kit. Then when you are ready to order the remaining pieces, you can request a 'short manipulative kit' that will include everything you need except the items that come with the Math Card Games Kit. You will need to call in the order as we don't have the short kit available online.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to post them here or you can email RightStart Math direction at

Have a fabulous summer!