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Mistake in Level E Lesson 3?

My son was working on Level E Lesson 3 today and was really struggling with numbers 3-6. When checking #3 though it seems like there is an error. For 4x4 magic squares shouldn't the rows, columns, 4 corners, middle 4, and both diagonals equal the magic number? The teacher's manual says that the magic number for #3 is 100 based on the top row (16, 23, 42, 19) equaling 100, however when you take the sum of the top left corner (16, 23, 54, 10) it is 103... Am I missing something? There are similar "errors" in #5.

Please help. He was really frustrated and in tears...


Re: Mistake in Level E Lesson 3?

Ok. So I got this figured out, but I'm hoping the 2nd version of this has better instructions for it as it was really confusing.

Re: Mistake in Level E Lesson 3?

Hi, Jess. My name is Rachel and I am happy to help you today.

Hmmm...I have different numbers in the corners than you have listed. Let me write out what my manual has for magic square number 3:

16 23 42 19
54 10 11 25
19 59 20 2
11 8 27 54

When I add the numbers together horizontally, vertically, diagonally and the corners, I get 100.

I find that number 4 also works. Here are the numbers listed in my manual:

18 24 15 -7
-11 19 11 31
11 14 6 19
32 -7 18 7

I hope that helps! If you have any further questions, feel free to re-post here or email RightStart Math directly at

Have a fabulous day!