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Re: Why skip Level A? [Level A or B for a 7yo?]

Hi Rachel.

Thank you for your reply and advice. I'll start my son on Level B then.

Do you think it would be ok to incorporate some of the fun elements from Level A into the lessons for B if it is covering the same topic? Or does that create confusion? Eg: The lesson on making triangles & quadrilaterals in A involves making the shapes with sticks and looked quite fun.

And if my son already understands the basic concepts, is it necessary to start him right at the beginning of B, or can we skip ahead? Or is it important for us both perhaps to cover the absolute basics (perhaps quicker than if he'd never had any prior instruction) so as to fully understand how to think in this new way?

Also, how do I approach using the "Activities for the AL Abacus" book? Do we need to start that first before the actual program, or incorporate it in? Or is it only optional?

Was I meant to have instructions with the Math Balance? It is a relatively new set with everything included, but I can't seem to find how to use that item... :-)

With thanks again,

Re: Why skip Level A? [Level A or B for a 7yo?]

Hi, Catherine!

I do recommend that you start at the beginning of Level B. It will help both of you get used to using the manipulatives and various strategies that RightStart Math uses. It is also a way for you to determine if there are any 'holes' in your son's math learning.

Feel free to add in other activities from Level A! That is a fabulous idea! It shouldn't create confusion. However, if you find that it does, you may want to use the activities in Level A that correspond with the lessons in Level B.

Finally, the book, 'Activities For The AL Abacus' is not necessary because you are using the curriculum. 'Activities For The AL Abacus' is designed to be used as supplemental activities for those students who use another curriculum, but want to get a different 'view' (using the AL Abacus) to math concepts. Because you are using the curriculum, those concepts will be taught within the curriculum you do not need the book.

The Math Balance should have come with instructions. However, instructions on how to use the math balance will also be included in the curriculum. You may want to look at Lesson 48 to give you a 'start' on how to use the balance.

Let me know if you have any further questions!
Have a fabulous week!