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Correction help please

Since I'm not "doing" the work right now but only updating the corrections, it is difficult for me to understand the following correction in the Geometric Approach. I see that my printing (March 2011) has 150, 90, 60, 60 listed one time as a solution, but there is not a figure of One answer (4.6.12) is sketched. Is this the same thing by chance?

Worksheet 101-2 09/26/2007 There is one more solutions: 150, 90, 60, 60,
which gives a figure of

Re: Correction help please

Hi, Lori.

This worksheet allows the kids to create a variety of tessellations using different polygons with various angles. If you look at the Worksheet 101-2 there is actually a mostly blank page. That is where the student will create their tessellations. There are several solutions listed in the answer book, but on the correction page you will see an additional solution not listed in the answer book.

I hope this has cleared things up for you. If not email RightStarts help desk at or call their help number at (888)272-3291.