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What do I need?

I have the level B starter kit that I am currently doing with my 1st grader. I would like to do this program with my 11 year old. I would like to do the transition lessons with him. What manipulatives do I need beyond what I have from the level B starter kit?

Re: What do I need?

Hi, Amber.

First, you need to determine which level place your son in. The website has a questionnaire for you to go through to help you make that decision. The link is: You will not necessarily need to purchase a complete kit, depending on what manipulatives you already have and what you will need. I suggest that once you determine his level that you contact RS to determine what you will need. Their email address is or their order phone number is (888)775-6284.

Also, the Transition Lessons are just to transition the student into the 'RightStart Math' way of using manipulatives and strategies. It is not an actual full curriculum.

I hope this helps! Have a great day!