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math games

I just started level B with my son. So far, so good-but it is very easy for him right now. This is a good thing so that he doesn't get discouraged...But, I was wondering if I needed to have bought the math card games book that I was reading about in other posts. Or are there games I can start right now that's in my package? I bought the level b package. Thanks,

Re: math games

Hi, Rachel.

Your book does have games that you can start playing now. You should have a list of the games in your Level B Teacher's manual. In my book (I have an older printing date) the very last page lists all the games played in Level B. Of course, if you want even more games you can go ahead and purchase the Math Card Games Manual. You already have all the cards you need to play the games. If you decide not to purchase the Math Card Games manual now, it comes with your B to C add-on kit next year!

Have a great day!

Re: math games

Thank you!

Re: math games

Did you buy the Level B kit? Mine came with the card games instruction manual on dvd.

There are some games in the teachers manual too.


Re: math games

I did buy that one. I just started watching the video the other day. :)