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writing numbers song

How critical is the "writing numbers song". My daughter knows how to write a lot her numbers and i had to sit down with my husband to kinda figure out what "writing numbers song" really was. So since my daughter knows how to write all her numbers (30+) do i need to confuse/start her with that? I dont want to skip anything being a new method... and rehearsing this song showed up in the early lesson plans about 3x, yet i think we are ok to skip.

Re: writing numbers song

Hi, Lori. My name is Rachel and I am happy to answer your question today.

If your daughter already knows how to write her numbers, it is not necessary to learn the song. When I taught my kids using RightStart Math my kids already knew how to write their numbers so we didn't use the song. It was not problematic at all within the curriculum.

Hope that helps! Have a fabulous day!