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Starting with 5th grader...behind in math

Where would you start? She's 10, has good number sense and understands the concepts well. She has used Singapore and Math Mammoth. But, she can NOT get her facts down, and I'm not talking multiplication. I mean even addition and subtraction. She's doing better with multiplication than anything. She understands place value, she can explain and teach it as well as concepts like all 4 operations, fractions,...she isn't into multiplying one digit by two digits yet and therefore not far into division either. Just the simple one by one right now. She does not get gives her such trouble (elapsed time, concept of time throughout daily activities, and still has trouble telling time with analog clock), and though she knows place value and can skip count, she can't start at the 6 on the clock and count by 5s from there for time...or add a whole ten to another number (58+20) without several seconds of thought and talking herself through it. Usually she needs a hint that she just counts up two tens. Even just a few more or less is hard for her (43+3, 43-3). She has trouble deciding what operations to use for word problems and really thrives with the bar diagrams Singapore uses that make it so visual (which we are just really getting into). It really helps her see it...IF I were to start her in RS this year, where would she be best placed?

She seems to be a visual learner. Though she also likes some independence so she can think through things in her own time, but she needs to pick up speed, and is a dawdler! She does LIKE singapore math, which is a plus. She's moving through 3A right now to review and cement some things and adjust to the method. She also has sensory integration disorder and mild auditory processing issues, and ADD (mostly impulsivity). I've been told she is gifted, though she's not been tested and I have no intentions of testing, so I'd just say she is very bright. Advanced reader and large vocabulary, fast learner on most things, can memorize most anything she reads or hears(except math facts ) I know I want to at least use the abacus activities and games with her, and have considered letting her by my "teacher assistant" to help teach my rising K'er who I am seriously considering starting in RS A.