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RightStart vs Math-U-See

HI My son is 5 1/2 and I am wondering the difference between the 2 programs. Thank you.

Re: RightStart vs Math-U-See

Hi, faancyme. My name is Rachel and here is my 'testimony' and brief intro to RightStart.

Personally, I have used RightStart Mathematics for my 3 boys with very different learning styles. My oldest is a 'brainiac' my second son has dyxlexia and my third son is a 'lazy' learner. This program has worked VERY WELL for all three of them. They all understand math and do extremely well on the annual test that we are required to take for the state of Ohio.

Here are some 'highlights' to the RightStart Mathematics program:

Dr. Cotter, the author and founder of RightStart, wants kids to not just 'learn the facts' but to understand math and why it works the way it does. She loves to have the kids 'discover' the answers as opposed to just memorizing numbers. She uses many manipulatives to allow the kids to explore all the 'topics' of math, (ie. geometry, time, measurements, numbers, fractions, etc.) while covering various topics. For example, when she teaches the fraction '1/2' she does so in time (half an hour), geometric shapes (half a triangle/square), measurement (half an inch), quantities (half of a number), etc. This way your child will learn how 1/2 is not just a fraction but something that is used in all math.

Another important element to RightStart Mathematics is the Math Card Games. Dr. Cotter wants kids to practice their math facts by playing games. She includes many games within the Lesson Plan books and even has a Math Card Games book with 300 math games broken down by various topics, (ie. addition, subtraction, multiplication, time, fractions, etc.). My kids love the games. They have their favorites and love to play them a whole lot longer than their mom does! :-)

I know that Math-U-See uses DVD's and colored blocks as their manipulatives. I also believe that they are a mastery program - in other words, you continue on one topic until the topic is mastered. I personally have not used the program so I cannot give you a 'comparison' of the two programs in their effectiveness.

If you would like to talk with a RightStart Math representative, you should call (888)272-3291 or email them at

I hope this has helped out a little, anyway!