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Level E, Lessons 122 and Beyond

I, my husband, and my mom must be missing something. I'm struggling to understand the way long division is taught with quotient checking. I understand estimating the divisor and divident as tens as this is how I naturally learned division. I think I understand the process, but am having difficulty in understanding HOW the child is to ocme up with the lightly writte "trial" divisor. Does one take the quotient and find the EXACT divisor it'd be without having a remainder? Use a calculator? Later on, in Lesson 124 (on page 245) the lightly written numbers do not match up exactly. (42 x 8 = 336 and 36 x 5 = 180 and 41 x 7 = 287) I apologize for not "getting it;" I am sure there must be a simple explanation.

Re: Level E, Lessons 122 and Beyond - by Rachel - Jun 27, 2011 3:53pm