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Illegal aliens present an even more dangerous outcome to our nation than most have taken the time to do research on. Illegal's have been deported by Presidents as far back as the 30's. How many? They didn't let the number get out of hand as is the conundrum today.

First, we have no idea what nationality or real reason why they're here. Mexicans, Islam, Terrorists? Does anyone know? Very doubtful. Back in the 50's or there about they came they worked they went . Now, they come , whoever they are they don't work, (most) and many are currently receiving Social Security and have never worked a day in their life. Just take Nogales, Mx. for example. They all have P.O. Boxes on the U.S. side of the border. On the 3rd. of every month hundreds - or quite likely more - walk across the bridge, go to the P.O. Box, get the check - then go to the bank and cash it. The next thing they do is walk back to the bridge and go home to Nogales. I've seen it happen on a TV Special about where much of our hard earned cash over the years - is ending up. It's an egregious matter an unbelievable matter. How could this happen? And that was over 10 years ago.

Today the talk is about 20 mil or so illegal's from who knows where? The 20 mil figure to me falls short of the actual number. Anyway 20 mil are most likely going to receive SS; I can't believe it. Social Security was initially formulated as a sacred trust by the Government . Something that - again - hard working Americans that worked all their lives could have has part of an assistance program - a buffer if you will. Some, less fortunate Americans use the money as their only source of income.

The real kicker is that while the present day Government are so concerned for these illegal's that they fail to see the big picture. That picture would include terrorist infiltration and highly mechanized to do what ever it is they intend to do. Who knows what that includes? They've already successfully committed 9/11 - what else?

Back to SS. It's unthinkable that a United States Government such as the one we now have would want to do something as dangerous and irresponsible as give our money to illegals. The SS coalition for the protection of our money is at wits end. They're fighting every day to protect our rights and to protect Social Security.

I have to say that the Government people now representing us have no feelings at all regarding Social Security. They have built up their own retirement and medical benefits behind our backs and do not really care. The 20 mil illegal's now being conceived for receiving our money are 20 mil votes for the party; that and other detriments to the rest of us. The Senate and House are detached from reality and incapable of making sound and progressive - for all Americans - decisions.

Finally, we should have built a great wall of China or Berlin wall 5 decades ago. I fully believe the future will hear me out.
Today in El Paso - or rather Juarez ( we all have memories of Juarez) the Mexicans are killing each other in massive numbers. It's not even safe to walk the streets in daylight. So far this year alone we've heard of numbers in the hundreds being murdered in broad daylight or night time - makes no difference - and now some of it is spilling into El Paso.
Many of the wealthy are leaving Juarez and buying homes in El Paso. My whole point is the Mexicans are either killing each other or looking to America to provide for them.

My question? Who will benefit? Off hand I would venture to say - NOT US!