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OK, watched the whole speech and the GOP response. My thoughts: Hillary in red so she would be really noticeable. Ditto Sheila Jackson Lee from Houston - never misses a photo op - anywhere. Michelle in sleeveless dress at night in DC in February - flaunting that she gets delivered to the door and does not have to wear a coat? Pelosi in an atrocious green suit that looked awful on TV behind the President (red tie) and beside Biden (blue tie) and in front of red, white, and blue flag. What was she thinking! But she did look warm.
Presume most of the new jobs created will be for persons to fill out all the new forms required by government to document use of funds. Actually, good thing to track how funds spent, but Federal government is known for requiring voluminous reports, even though we have some sort of reduced paperwork act on the books. Jindal being groomed for better things than governorship of Louisiana. Man, if he straightens out that dysfunctional state, he's got my support.


Nice to read a women's interpretation of the speech. I noticed some of the same things (e.g., Pelosi's green suit), but I did not focus on it. Thought Jindal has a long way to go before he is a viable candidate. I guess if you liked him, I would say that I have an alternative view. I used to collect 78 records. Sometimes there would be a scratch in one and it would get stuck and play the same word. I think the Republicans are stuck. All they know is to say CUT TAXES. There is too much money. Give it back. There is not enough money. Give what money there is back. Bobby (not Jindal) says there is a problem with iLlegal immigrants. We both agree that illegals should be kept out of the USA. How do the Republicans address the illigal immigrant issue? CUT TAXES. I am sorry . Republicans today do not have a clue.

Re: Re: PRESIDENT'S SPEECH/Immigration

Verdict still out on Jindal. He has a big job to do if he is going to bring Louisiana back from being akin to a 3rd world country.
Don't think government is the answer to much - but think it has to be the answer on illegal immigrants. They have to be stopped at our borders, and they have to be sent home when we find them - whether working, splitting up families, or not. Of course, they are paying into Social Security, so we need to be prepared for a big loss there if we send them home. Will residents take their jobs? If they want to eat, they will. Why do we have them in our jails? Put them on a bus - many buses, whatever it takes. Not so simple, I realize, but it has to be done! This is not a partisan issue. Louisiana is very strict on illegals - one reason it is taking so long to rebuild from hurricanes. He may be right - don't extend unemployment benefits, put the people to work.