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Well looks like there's a new sheriff in town

That's right folks I'm the new sheriff.
He=ll why not I'm the only one in this one horse town
somebody's got to be in charge h=ell Obama has even made it this far yet. this town is uncharted.
ya no maybe ill go to the saloon and get a Whisky,
Shucks all mighty, We aint got no Saloon yet.
Mill Vet we need Whisky here in this little town.
Knuch bring me some cookies too please, my belly
starting growl a wee bit

sorry mega bucks, but aint got no fish here. but if yould like too bring some of them hoe=s, you know dancing girls by, that would be right nice of you

Oh i all most forgot on Sunday, Sunday go too meeting day, we will be holding service at the saloon
till Reuven Yo Daddy gets the Church built.

We need a name for this little town now don't we?

Sheriff Backwoodsone

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