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Re: PW Peck G5976

Wow Mick! thank you so much for the amazing reply. I've printed it as I know others in my family will be fascinated to read the account. I didn't know what battle and quite where, so this has filled in some massive gaps.

I hadn't been able to find out any information on where Philip worked and who for prior to WW1 so thank you for including that. Interesting to note when he went into hospital in 1939 he gave his profession then as chauffeur, he was by then living in Watford so not sure who he would have worked for then.

My search still goes on to find where he is buried but this is an amazing account of his time during the war which I've not seen before. Thank you so much.

A shame there are no pictures, hoping if there wasn't one of him alone maybe there would be one of the battalion.