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Edward John Shopland

Over the years that my Grandmother was alive no mention was made of Grandad Shopland, perhaps it was the thing at that time and Grandmother had remarried. We had always been led to believe that Grandad had died during the war but not because of the war, but since my Grandmother and my mother died some many years ago the opportunity to talk to them was past.
During very recent research into the family tree I discovered that Grandad Shopland had in fact been killed in the 1st World War and further work discovered the following:
Born (unknown where)
Lived in Folkestone
Joined the Queen’s Own (Royal West Kent Regiment), ‘A’ Coy. 6th Bn. as a Private
Service Number G/13421
Died age 28
Buried in the Windmill British Cemetery, Monchy Preaux, Nord-pas de Calais, France.
There is no specific area mentioned in which he fought or died other than the “The Western European Theatre” which I found confusing.
My other thought is would he be mentioned in the Roll of Honour Book in Canterbury Cathedral who’s page is turned every day.
I find it sad that all of the many times that I went France yet not knowing he was there, however, I no longer have a passport which precludes that visit, however when I visit the Cliffs of Dover and look over the sea to France I can still send my love and thoughts to him.

Re: Edward John Shopland


My interest is with the East Kent Regiment but I do have some information on your grandfather. He served in the 6th Battalion of the West Kents. On the 14th October 1917 they carried out a very successful raid on the German lines in the Arras sector. I presume that your grandfather was killed during the raid. I will post some personal information on him and details of the raid when I have access to my records in the next couple of days.

His name will not appear in the Roll of Honour in the cathedral as this only includes members of The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)

Mick Mills

Re: Edward John Shopland

Thank you for the information. I really do look forward for any further information that is available. I am disappointed that his name is not in the Canterbury book but as you say it originally only referred to the East Kent Regiment.

Re: Edward John Shopland


Your Grandfather’s name will be inscribed in the Books of Life of the Queen’s Own Royal West Kent regiment held in All Saints Chruch, Maidstone. The Chairman of our Maidstone branch, Mr Arthur Healey MBE, arranges for a Page to be Turned in the books every month. I will pass your email onto him and he will be in contact.

Best regards