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Re: Looking for information on a WWI soilder

Good Morning. As I mentioned the granddaughter Valentine Long visited me last evening and was overwhelmed with the detail you provided and the style in which the information was presented. Far from a sterile listing of the facts, which we assume were complied from his service record, the detail was presented in such a way that it brought life back to the gentleman and painted a picture of the times. She has asked me to thank you on behalf of herself and the extended family. The information provided is to be copied and distributed to his other grandchildren and surviving relatives.

A question relating to his brother has been asked but I will cover this in a separate post. Again thank you.

Re: Looking for information on a WWI soilder

Thank you for,your kind words. The information mainly came from his service record. The majority of service records were destroyed by fire following a bombing raid during WW2 so we are fortunate that his one survived.

It always gives me pleasure to help relatives of those that served with The Buffs. The Regimental History covering the WW1 period has been reprinted and is available fairly cheaply or via public libraries. It has chapters dedicated to the 4th Battalion which might help with putting his service into perspective. The author was RSH Moody.

Kitchener was not keen on the Territorial Force and so many of the units were sent to replace regular battalions who were garrisoned overseas rather than sending them to the Western Front. I know from reading about E Company of the 4th Battalion (Sittingbourne) in the local press that they were very disappointed not to be going to the main theatre of war.

Mick Mills