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West Kent graves, Krakow, Poland

I am researching the story of my great-uncle Edward Matthews who was a private in the RWK regiment in 1940. Captured at Dunkirk, he was held prisoner at a number of camps in Germany and Poland, eventually ending up in Auschwitz III Monowitz. He was killed in an air raid on 20th August 1944.

Edward Matthews has no marked grave, but a number of other RWK soldiers are buried at the CWG cemetery in Krakow, Poland. I have photographs of these graves and have compiled a list of names which I am happy to share. Any information on RWK persons imprisoned at Monowitz would be gratefully received.

P Hidden 6344743 died 4th January 1944
RA Watts 6345880 died 20th August 1944
FG White 6345340 died 20th August 1944
CF Crisp 6345901 died 28th June 1944
SA Playford 6343897 died 7th September 1944
RA Young 6345770 died 18th August 1940
SF Houghton 6339554 died 16th August 1942
GT Groeger 6347934 died 2nd December 1944
JE Spriggs 6348023 died 2nd December 1944