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The Buffs and Malta

I am writing in the hope of making members of the association aware of a new venture in regard to Battlefield and Military Tours and research in Malta, particularly Regiments that have a history of serving in Malta
Having now been living in Malta for over 3 years, I have felt that there was a need to provide a more focused provision of guiding and research in Malta and I hope the information below may result in you feeling it would be worthwhile to let your members know about this new venture and service.
I do understand that there maybe other individuals and the British Legion in Malta, that do carry out excellent work but we are hoping to supplement this with the provision of the services we offer – which are outlined on our website

As a member of the Guild of Battlefield Guides and a registered ETOA guide have experience of guiding in some of the top military sites on Malta and therefore we can offer a unique experience to those who wish to use our services.

I would also like to hear from any members who are willing to share personal experiences of their time and service on Malta and I will respond to any questions or contributions by return on this forum or by e mail.