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Paintings of The Crossing of the Douro, 12th May 1809, by Christa Hook

I ask your advice. I have two paintings by the contemporary artist, Christa Hook of the Crossing of the Douro and Defence of the Seminary on 12th May 1809. One is an oil of the Buffs getting into port lodge barges to cross the river and the other, an acrylic, shows the battalion occupying the Seminary with support arriving from the other two battalions in their brigade, the 48th and 66th.

I am very happy to buy advertising space in Regimental Association magazines, yours, the Queen's Own Buffs and the PWRR as apppropriate or to advertise or publicise on appropriate websites with copies of the paintings and photos of the frames they're in.

I should be most grateful for advice about how to proceed. With thanks. Nick Haynes.