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Colin Beaumont

Hi there I was wondering if anybody could help me I am trying to find out my granddad’s service number or any recollection of him as I and my family are trying to piece together his army years. As we have no medals or discharge papers to work from. All he told my dad was that he was in the buffs 6th (Home Defence) Battalion stationed at Folkestone, This is also where he met and married my nan as she was based there as well. he later went on to Africa and then to Burma I am led to believe. His name was Colin Arthur Beaumont and my nan’s name was Joan Violet Powell they got married in folkestone in 1946 both were originally from hendon, Oxfordshire. they both sadly passed away 17 years ago in the space of 7 minutes apart.

If anybody has any info please feel free to contact me. Hopefully someone might remember Him or them

yours sincerely