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10am Saturday—Rockvale Community Center

Rolling out at 10:00am from the Rockvale Community Center - 9972 Rockvale Road, Rockvale, TN 37153

26 miles

35 miles

Please note that the only open store on either route is at mile 11.

We are avoiding starting rides from Rockvale Elementary School until the utility construction is completed and the shoulders are cleaned off again between the school and Snail Shell/Old Rockvale road. Just too dangerous at this point in time.

We have permission from the Ruritan Club to use their parking lot. Of course, we will make a donation to the club for there generosity - just like we do for the church lots we use during ride season. Be respectful of the property please. There are restrooms up by the ball field in the concession stand. Please use them when they're unlocked if needed.