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Center Hill Dam to Granville Saturday

The Warren County Outliers are departing from the public parking lot on the north side of Center Hill Dam for a 40 mile trip to Granville and back. Departure is at 9:30 A.M. Saturday. Stops are at the Old Sutton General Store and the Big Rock Market for lunch near the end of the ride. You will have time to make to the club Christmas Party! Please join us. Please don't ask for GPS info. Those devises will be deposited in the Caney Fork River for safe keeping. All other questions are welcomed.

Re: Center Hill Dam to Granville Saturday

oh boy! Some of my favorite roads! I suppose the need for rock climbing early in the ride has been resolved?

Re: Center Hill Dam to Granville Saturday

No need for climbing ropes. The road along the Caney Fork is now open. I hope you can come.

Re: Tempting.

Yes. There is a public restroom with ample parking at the dam overlook just past the 90 degree turn at the end of the dam. From Murfreesboro stay on HWY 96 until crossing Center Hill Dam. The parking lot is immediately to the left.

I hope you come and bring others with you. The Junkman will like this ride.

We will be there!

slovetts are coming and bringing a friend or two.

Re: We will be there!

Great. I think the legendary Stanley Wills may come as well.

unfortunately, have something that needs to be finished.

Some projects are like pushing a rope up hill.