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Urban L. 'Ben' Drew's Crew Cheif

Hello from San Diego. I'm friends of Ben Drew, and we are hoping to contact his former Crew Cheif, Sergeant Vern Richards. We're hoping he is still with us, so Ben can get in touch with him.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


Jack Gooden
Old Bold Pilots

Re: Urban L. 'Ben' Drew's Crew Cheif

Sorry guys cant help on that particular person, however I have been trying for five or six years to find an address for Ben. Last I heard was that he was in a home for the elderly somewhere in CA. I am a buddy of his from South Africa. Only 66, but really miss the the old man, he must be on his 80 to 90 year plan, means he sud be in Montana, not CA if I remember.
Please tell him Hi if he's still around, and I'd appreciate an address if possible. Thanks.

Re: Urban L. 'Ben' Drew's Crew Cheif

his Crew Cheif was Vernon Davis cheers danny

Re: Urban L. 'Ben' Drew's Crew Cheif

do you know any info on L Cole, S/Sgt Martin Strickler, Lt Russell Sobieski, S/Sgt Joe Yokely, S/Sgt Philip Geieger, amourer cpl Merle Shetter or radio man Sgt Joe Agular? I do know Joe Yokely is no longer with us. His sons Chris and Steve are in NC
Martin Strickler's daughter