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P-51 Aces Symposium

I know it is a little short of notice but the Norther California
Friends of the American Fighter Aces Association is holding another
symposium.It will be held on June 4th 2006 at the Travis Air
Museum,Travis AFB.

The Mustang ACES that will be on the panel:

*Col C.E. "Bud" Anderson-357th FG Ace with 16.25 Aerial Victories.
Bus is a triple ace who was an original member of the 357th FG,the
Yoxford boys.He flew bomber escourt missions over Europe during
WWII.He later commanded squadrons flying F-86 Sabres during the
Korean War and later F-105 Thunderchiefs in Viet Nam.Between the
wars he flew as a test pilot.

*Col Ernest Bankey-364th FG Ace with 9.5 Aerial Victories.
Ernie was in the AAF pre-war as an aerial gunnery sergeant,After
completing the aviation cadet program and earning his wings,he was
assigned to the 264 FG eventually completing two tours with the
group.Five of his victories were scored in a single mission when his
squadron encountered a large group of German fighters.

*Maj Urban "Ben" Drew-361st FG Ace with 6 Aerial Victories.
Ben made it to England after a stint as a P-51 instructor in Bartow
FL.In May 1944 he was assigned to the 361st FG based in Bottisham
England.Among the six victories,he joined the sinking od a six
engine German flying boat and made Ace by destroying two Me-262 jet

Maj Charles Hauver-355th FG Ace with 5 Aerial Victories.
Chuck earned his wings in May 1943 and was assigned to the 355th FG
flying from Steeple Morden,England. While flying on fellow Ace
Gorden Graham's wing,he twice score double victories and all five of
his victories were fighters.After WWII he flew with the 18th FBG in
Korea and also as a test pilotat the Developement Center at
Dayton ,OH retiring in 1963.

Capt Clayton Gross-354th FG Ace with 6 Aerial Victories.
After earning his wings,Clayton was an original member of the 354th
FG,the Pioneering Mustang Group.The group was part of the 9th AF and
flew from Boxted ,England.Clayton was one of the first USAAF pilots
to down a Me-262 when the flight he was leading encountered the
German jet over the Elbe River.

Event Schedule:

12:15 Doors open
12:15-1:15 Social Hour
01:15-1:30 Raffle Drawing
01:30-3:30 Panel Session
03:45-4:45 Autograph Session
04:45 Depart Facility

Registration due by May 30th for Base Security-be sure to include
the names of everyone on your check so we can foward to base
security.Please include a contact phone number so we can alert you
of any base security changes.

Active Duty Military: $25.00
Active NCF Members $25.00
Non-NCF Members $30.00

Postal Address: Northern California Friends
Post Office Box 5943
Concord, CA 94524

Email: NCF@hot-shot.com

Phone Numbers: 408-725-8095

Autograpgh policy a ticket is required for each autograph and
tickets are priced at 2 for $5.00.Items purchased at the event will
include a ticket.Aces ask that signitures be collected only for
personal use as the autograph session is not intended to support
commercial enterprises.Only books and other flat items will be

I will be attending for these events in the past have been a once in
a lifetime experience and not to be repeated.Come dressed in uniform
for a photo oppertunity.