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I am researching Americans who served with the RAF/RCAF during WWII. After Pearl Harbor, many would transfer to the USAAF. Some would serve with the 361st FG including Albert Bajarunas and Richard Vossler.

I have published a book about the subject


I would like to hear from any ex RAF/RCAF Americans and/or relatives.

Re: Americans RAF/RCAF WWII

My brother, Harvey Dalton Johnson, joined the RCAF in 1939 and trained as a pilot. He was transferred to the USAAC in September 1942 and flew a Spitfire until his death in November 1942 from a crash in Walthamstow, England. I am trying to learn about his RCAF career. Do you have any suggestions?

I am also interested in the book that you authored about Americans in the RCAF. What is the title?

thanks for your help.

Re: Americans RAF/RCAF WWII

Would like to know in what squadrons of the 361st Fighter Group were the two airmen you mentioned
(Albert and Richard) ?

Re: Americans RAF/RCAF WWII

OK. Thanks