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William T. Kemp

I'm writing to get information about my father. He was a pilot with the 361st, Lt. William T. Kemp. I know he died after the war, I just wanted to know if anyone knows what kind of guy he was, does anyone have any pictures? Have you heard any stories about him? Did he ever talk about having a son? Please, I have no other way of finding out information.

Phone: (608) 846-5967
Fax: (608) 224-3130

Re: William T. Kemp

Mr. Spence:

I sent you a lengthy e-mail with information concerning Lt. Wm. T. Kemp, on whose aircraft E2-X "Betty Lee" I was a crew member. I addressed it to the e-mail address contained in your message to this web site. Unfortunately, my message was returned with the caption "User not known."
If you read this, please contact me at:
I will forward the information (with pictures) to a valid address.
BJ Redden 361st FGA Sec't.

Re: Re: William T. Kemp


It was wonderful talking to you. I really appreciate you calling and spending time with me. I know it's been alot of years, but I guess many things were hidden from all of us during the war. I will contact Urben, just as soon as you send his number. I'm lookin forward to that call. I'll be in touch.