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Lt. Harry G Bosyk KIFA

Dear Friends,

I´m looking for Lt. Harry G Bosyk KIFA 29.8.1944 (A/C, P-51D /44-13652/), from 361st FG, 374th FS. Any info, and photos can be useful for me.

Thanks in advance Milan

Re: Lt. Harry G Bosyk KIFA

Dear Milan.

There is a photo of Lt. Bosyk on the crash pages - go to photos & then choose crash page 2.

Out of curiosity may I ask what is your interest in Lt Bosyk? My fiancee is from Slovakia - & we were recently in Poprad visiting her family!

Best regards
361fg.com webmaster

Re: Lt. Harry G Bosyk KIFA

Hello Milan,

As the nephew of Lt. Harry G Bosyk (son of Harry's brother William), I too am curious why you may be looking for information about him.

FYI, Harry G's brother William (my father) was also a U.S. Army Air Corp pilot; he flew B-29s. Unfortunately, William passed away last Saturday, Feb. 26, 2005, at the Soldiers Home in Holyoke, Massachusetts.

Please let me know if I can help you.

Harry E. Bosyk