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361st Gun camera footage

I was recently contacted by a fellow Steve Rhode who has compliled gun camera footage. His website is

He says he had the following involving 361st.
However all of it is not listed on his website.

2/22/1944 Maj. R.B. Caviness 376 361 Trains & Radio Tower
Grainy attack on locomotive through trees. Tracers and bullets strike
locomotive on low strafing run. Train enters small town during next
sequence. Low strafing run on radio tower.

2/24/1944 Lt. Stolzy 374 361 ME 109 ME 109 is struck and
smokes. Plane on ground and train attacked.

2/25/1944 1st Lt. D. Woodward 376 361 ME 109 ME 109 under
distant attack until end of sequence when it is struck from behind in close

3/6/1944 Capt. Sedman 374 361 FW 190 Target aircraft is
struck and debris slowly separates.

3/8/1944 Capt. Guckeyson 375 361 ME 109 Pilot appears to

3/17/1944 Maj. Merritt 375 361 Airdrome Tower is
blasted on low pass. Taxing FW 190 is strafed. Low pass over small village
ends with tower being strafed.

3/17/1944 Lt. D. Woodward 376 361 Airdrome Low strafing
runs on airdrome, EA and tower. Last sequence looks like P-47 passes between
target and aircraft.

3/17/1944 Maj. R.B. Caviness 376 361 Airdrome EA
is strafed on ground and fire is seen.

3/17/1944 2nd Lt. R. Van Stryland 376 361 Airdrome This
must have been wingman for previous sequence. Show allied aircraft on
strafing run and so close to the ground that it is surprising it did not

3/20/1944 Lt. Perry 375 361 Airdrome Very low
strafing run over airfield.

4/8/1944 Lt. Keppler 375 361 FW 190 The FW 190 is struck
in aerial combat.

4/24/1944 Lt. Routenbush 375 361 Ground Targets Airdrome
strafed, plane struck, large explosion seen.

6/6/1944 Maj. Webb 374 361 Ground Targets Reported
near Bulogne, France. Trucks strafed on roads. Locomotive strafed in rail
yard of town. Tank attacked in field.

6/6/1944 Lt. Rosenberger 375 361 Ground Targets Reported
near Bulogne, France. Unidentified ground targets.

6/6/1944 1st Lt. E. Alcorn 376 361 Ground Targets
Reported near Bulogne, France. Truck along road.

6/6/1944 1st Lt. R.V. Stryland 376 361 Ground Targets
Reported near Bulogne, France. Racing vehicle is strafed as it crosses
field. Transport trucks are strafed and struck as they travel on road.

6/8/1944 2nd Lt. W. Butts 376 361 Trucks Low strafing
runs on trucks along road.

6/8/1944 2nd Lt. H. Chapman 376 361 Ground Targets
Strafing of ME 1O9 on ground, strafing of convoy along roadway with houses
alongside. Fighter pilot flies low right down along roadway strafing all the

6/8/1944 2nd Lt. V. Boquin 376 361 Trucks Trucks along
road are strafed, one is moving. Another truck is hit and explodes.

6/29/1944 Lt. Wright 375 361 EA Enemy aircraft is
pursued in this very light segment. Plane belly lands in field and is

8/25/1944 Lt. Drew 375 361 ME 109 ME 109 is pursued
and next segment shows and flaming mass on the ground in a field.

8/26/1944 Lt. Wood 375 361 Ground Targets Ground
target is struck with massive explosion following.

8/26/1944 Lt. Wood 375 361 Rail Yard A huge
explosion and fireball erupts from strafing on rail yard.

11/2/1944 1st Lt. W. Beyer 376 361 ME 109 ME 109 under
heavy attack. Descends smoking.

11/6/1944 1st Lt. J. Cleary Jr 374 361 ME 262 ME 262 is
seen flying above.

11/26/1944 2nd Lt. P.H. Klees 375 361 EA EA at high
altitude begins to tumble.
Maj. Webb 361 ME 109 Gunfire strikes on ME 109

Re: 361st Gun camera footage

He also has these on Ebay as well.....

Re: 361st Gun camera footage

Mr. Ormond

With a last name of "Guckeyson," I figured I must be related to Capt. John Guckeyson. My father was Elmer Guckeyson and I can't recall any of his brothers being
shot down during WWII. His father was also John Guckeyson, but he died of natural causes. Would you be able to help me find out who his parents were and maybe how we are related?

Thank you -- Nancy