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message for Jason Webb or any Galaxy P-51 pilots

Dear Sirs(Madams?)
Geewizz ! Cant get off of this blasted site. Its great, and its even greater that you chaps remember what good-ole-uncle-sam did to help us in our hour of need. Anyway, who uses the GALAXY P51 over there? and would you like to give me an honest appraisal of the model before I spend my beloved Pasetas on the kit for my M V V S 1.6 petrol??? I would like to scartch out a bigger one (Ziroli?)but at the moment I am just getting back into it after 5 years layoff and models just dont seem to last the way I remember . (Look at www.satanca.net for my "rekitted" - 120" DHC Beaver in the next week or so ). Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Kindest regards and tally ho!

Re: message for Jason Webb or any Galaxy P-51 pilots

Thanks for your kind words on the site - the Galaxy Mustang is a cheap way to get a decent sized Mustang into the air.

Building wise they go together fairly quickly - with some minor mods - such as the correct diahedral, changing the flaps & ailerons to the scale shape and the addition of some reasonable u/c and scale legs - a fairly scale shape can be achieved.

Flying wise you can't really fault them - almost viceless in the air & very responsive. Just remember to use lots of rudder on takeoff!

Very Best Regards


Re: Re: message for Jason Webb or any Galaxy P-51 pilots

Thanks for that Jason. I ordered the aircraft today, the whole enchillada ! with fries!. Mmmmm lots of rudder just like the real thing too.........LOVE-IT !! perhaps if you come over here on holidays you might want to get in touch and fly through an afternoon??? (possibly best not to tell the wife We fly from asphalt, good sized field and perfect weather
Thanks again
Kindest regards
Alastair McLeod