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Any additional information on Lt. Glenn T. Berge?

First of all, I would like to say that the information on this site is great, and helps keep memories of loved ones alive!

Lt. Glenn Berge is my Grandomother's brother, and was KIA on March 5, 1944. He was the Assistant Operations Officer of the 374th Squadron. I have seen a couple photos, and a little other information on this site, which is very interesting.

Recently, I have also had a chance to read some of Glenn's letters. Also, within the last couple of months and with the help of the internet, a resident of the farm where Glenn's plane crashed, and who witnessed the crash, was able to contact my Grandmother. This I think was a positive thing for my Grandomther, and the gentleman also sent her a copy of the Little Friends book.

All of this makes me wonder if there is anyone else who has any personal knowledge of Glenn, and his experiences in WW2.

If anyone does, please respond to this message. It would mean a great deal to relatives to hear of any other details or information that is out there.