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E2*S flown by Urban Drew...


I am looking for information about one of Urban Drew's aircraft. E2*S was in the famous color photo which also included LOU IV. I want to know how long did Drew fly this plane before he received "Miss Detroit"? Did he make any of his 6 kills in this plane, and would kill markings have been applied this plane?...or was this an extra plane for the 361st which young pilots used until they could get a plane of their own?

I appreciate any help I can get.

Chris Cahill

Re: E2*S flown by Urban Drew...

Chris, E2*S was the assinged P-51 of Lt.Abe Rosenberger. I don't believe it was ever assigned to Drew, it was probably just picked at random for the publicity shoot flight that day.
Also not aware that Drew had any kills while flying it, he did have a kill in Francis Glankers B model 'Suzy G' IIRC. I believe he had the bulk of his kills in 'Detroit Miss'.
Someone else may have more to add.