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Roots to 361st

Hello. Great site by the way! I am assigned to the 110th Fighter Wing in Battle Creek MI and recently heard that the 361st eventually became the 110th. It seemed kind of wierd to hear that since everything I read say the 361st was dissolved in 45. Is it common practice to reinstate a unit with a new designation, and does that also mean that the original P-51's sent here were in fact 361st aircraft? Just wondering if you shed any light on this. Thanks!!

Re: Roots to 361st

In Nov. 1945 the 361st FG was deactivated at Camp Kilmer, N.J. In early 1946 it was redesignated as the 127thFG and alloted to the Mich. ANG. It has since evolved to Wing. For more accurate and up to date, contact: