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361st FG mission on May 29, 1944

I am an air-war researcher.
It seems a plane of the 361st FG was lost on May 29, 1944 (pilot - rescued by ASR).
Could you just help me in identifying the pilot, please?
Thank you.
Mike Mucha
"Aircraft M.I.A. Project"

Re: 361st FG mission on May 29, 1944

It was Lt. Abe P. Rosenberger 375 FS the aircraft serial number I didn't find.He suffered mechanical failure. He flew E2-S mostly.Yes the same aircraft in the famous four picture.He also flew a P-51B.Hope this helps.

Re: 361st FG mission on May 29, 1944

Abe did not suffer mechanical failure. It was damage from FW190 encounter. The engine was spraying oil over the canopy and copious smoke. Abe tried to nurse it as far as he could but eventually the engine failed and he had to bail out.
-Mike Peck

Re: 361st FG mission on May 29, 1944

I am trying to learn more about the May 29, 1944 mission.

My uncle, a co-pilot in the 305th Bomb Group, was killed on a B-17 that was shot down at Prittisch at 1318 by FW 109s shortly after bombing the target of Cottbus (Bombs away was at 1247).

According to the book Yellowjackets, fighters from the 361st were engaging E/As in this vicinity.

Does anyone have the mission report for the 361st Fighter Group from that date?

Can anyone please help shed any more light on this mission for me from the perspective of the fighters?

How did you know that Abe P. Rosenberger's plane had been damaged in an encounter with a FW 109 and not experienced mechanical trouble?

Do you know if this encounter happened in the vicinity of where my uncle's plane was shot down? Do you have the encounter report?

If anyone has documentation or any other information for this mission from the perspective of the fighter pilots, I would be happy to exchange with them what I have in terms of documentation from the bomb group's perspective. I have the mission report for the 305th Bomb Group from that date.

Thank you for your help, I am extremely grateful.
- Ahron