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Hello, greetings from a "Son" of the 361st.

This is my first visit to your website, and I would just like to say it is very well done. Thank you for all your efforts to remember those young men (boys really) way back when.

I am the second son of Paul H. Klees Jr. a P51 pilot of the 361st FG from June 44 until Dec 44. He flew 50 missions and then returned to the "States" (Buffalo, NY) where he resumed his railroad career and retired after 49 years as a locomotive engineer in 1989.

Dad spoke often of Bottisham and Little Walden, I think outside of the Luftwaffe shooting at him he quite enjoyed the "all expenses paid" vacation to England.

Dad did meet Mr. Gotts and I have an autographed copy of his "Little Friends" book that I will always treasure.

My Dad is in fact the pilot of the second ship (E2-S) shown in your heading photo. The pics where taken from a B-17 flying along side and the crews involved received black and white prints and negatives from the combat photographer. I still have these someplace.

I did try to convince Dad to make a return visit to England back in the 1980's for one of the group reunions, but he was not very interested, a few too many bad memories perhaps.

I do have copies of his mission reports, perhaps we can arrange a way to get a copy to your museum ? I also have some combat gun camera film (converted to VHS) maybe we can make a modern copy ?

Cheers, Kevin J Klees

Re: Hello, greetings from a "Son" of the 361st.


Thanks for getting in touch.

I would like to speak further in regard to your Dad.

I can be reached at jasonwebb@bottishamairfieldmuseum.org.uk

Many thanks