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How Do You Contribute Photos to site

Hi Everyone,

My name is Bruce Bocquin, youngest son of Victor Bocquin who served with the 376FS at Bottisham in WW II.

As header implies, how do people contribute? Quite a bit of inaccurate information out there about a restored P-51 my Dad flew. Would simply like to clear things up since I inherited photos, Pilot's Log, and things like combat reports.

Couldn't find a link or person to contact though. (Pretty sure 361FG assoc. is now defunct.) Any help appreciated.

Thanks for reading!

Re: How Do You Contribute Photos to site


Fantastic to hear from you.

I run this website and the museum at Bottisham where your father flew from.

Please email at jasonwebb@bottishamairfieldmuseum.org.uk

Many thanks


Re: How Do You Contribute Photos to site

Hello Bruce

Would really like to touch base with you about the restoration among other things as I have worked in WW2 aircraft restoration as a profession for several years. I was not involved in that restoration but would like to hear your thoughts about it.

Also, my father Rufus Quattlebaum was the parachute rigger for the 376th.

email is riggers_son@hotmail.com

Will email you my phone number in a reply.