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Never Miss

Is there any information on Mustang "Never Miss" (44-73275 ) on this site?


Re: Never Miss

As far as is known this Mustang was not assigned to the 361stFG. It was assigned to the 8thAF (according to Curtis Fowls Mustangs site information) but unknown if to a group before return to the US.

The squadron code 'A7' was not a 361stFG squadron code (B7-374th/E2-375th/E9-376th).

As far as the name 'Never Miss' in the bomb symbol, it was a variation of Urban Drews 'Detroit Miss'. No other known P-51 in the 361st used the bomb symbol except Drews Detroit Miss.

As a 361st descendant I would love to see it wearing correct squadron markings at the minimum. That would not be a big change to do.

Best regards & hopes this helps you out a little.

Craig Quattlebaum
Uvalde TX