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2nd Lt Jacob L. RAWLS 374 FS P-51 42-106586

I'm a french teacher studying the History of the French underground in Loire Valley. Between June and august 1944 a secret camp was build 120 kms South West Paris to hide allied evaders more than 150 were rescued and one of them was 2nd Lt Jacob L. RAWLS 374 FS / 361 FG. I try to find all information and documents about him and date and place of his crash...Each help is welcomed :)

Thank you for your interest to my request, best regards from France.



Re: 2nd Lt Jacob L. RAWLS 374 FS P-51 42-106586

Hi Marc,

Lt Jacob Rawles landed in France on 8th August 1944 when his squadron gave \"area support\" in the area east of Stuttgart.
This information was obtained from the books \"Little Friends\" and \"Yellow Jackets\".

Was the camp that you refer to near Chateaudun?