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Is Mr. Granville H. Kinsman on the Pilot or Crew List for 375th FS, 361st FG?

1. Is there an official list of pilots and/or crew members for the 375 Fighter Squadron, 361st Fighter Group?

2. If there is, can anyone direct me to it, or better yet, tell me if Mr. Granville H. Kinsman is listed as either a pilot or crew member? I should like to know on which list he is, pilot, crew, or neither.

I have met a ninty-one year old gentleman who says he was with the referenced unit, but is unwilling to talk much about it. I should like to respect his wishes and not question him or his family directly, but as a documentarian, I should like to know if further research about him is warranted.

I am most grateful for this web site and the folks who have kept this history alive. It is a wonderful look back into the times of my father, uncles, nation, and the Greatest Generation.

Thank you,

Richard Walker, M. Ed., Captain, USAR
(813) 857-1730 (cell)
Tampa, Fl. USA