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Lt. Harold D. Mitchell of 376th FS Any photos or additional info?

Firstly, I would like to inform those here within the group that my Grandfather, Lt. Harold D. Mitchell of the 376FS passed away on Feb. 24, 2008 in Holly Michigan. He had a full and wonderful life after the war returning stateside to farm in rural Michigan continuing to fly small planes on occasion, but mostly enjoying family, fishing and hunting. I had the good fortune to spend time with him, hear some of his war time stories. I only recently discoverd this web site and the early photos of my Grandfather while flying with the 361st. Kudos to those who took the time to create this web site. Thank you!
I've also recently found some of his personal letters sent from Bottisham back to family in the US. Some include photos and stories of missions. Im compiling as much info as I can for our extended family about his time in England and flying P51's during the war. If anyone happens to have any additional info, photos, or know of someone who knew of him, and is still living that worked ground crew or flew in the 376th FS? Id appreciate getting in corespondence with them to share info. I will try to post the recent photos of him in my possesion here. Cheers -John Sparks (74 missions over Europe flying P51's B-D "Holly Warrior")