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U.S.Cemetery, Holland-Capt. R. D. Wade; Lts. J. V. Kapr, C. E. Moore, D. B. Nazzarett, D.B. Weaver

I recently was fortunate enough to go with my sister to the Netherlands American Cemetery and Memorial in Margraten, Holland. Lt. Daniel Nazzarett, our uncle and a member of the 361st Fighter Group, is buried there. Using the Roll of Honor from Little Friends by Steve Gotts, I was able to determine that Margraten is also the final resting place of other members of the 361st. Captain Russell D. Wade and Lt. Charles E. Moore are buried there. Lt. Joseph V. Kapr and Lt. Dennis B. Weaver are on the Wall of the Missing. I visited the memorials of all of these men, and I photographed each one. I would be happy to send the photos to anyone interested. Let me know at jjmp314@yahoo.com.

The cemetery at Margraten is beautifully maintained by a full time staff employed by the American Battle Monuments Commission, but also, each of the 8,302 graves and almost all of the 1,722 names on the Wall of the Missing are adopted voluntarily by local residents who give the memorials extra care. This practice of adoption, I understand, is unique to Margraten. We were privileged to meet the adopter of our uncle’s grave, and the pastor of the parish that encompasses the American cemetery was most hospitable to us. Both the superintendent and assistant superintendent of the cemetery met with us and provided a warm welcome and guidance. The assistant superintendent even performed a short ceremony of honor at the grave of our uncle. When we visited, the cemetery had many Dutch visitors, which we were told is a common daily occurrence. There is great respect for the fallen American soldiers who are buried and memorialized in Margraten. The visit there was beautiful, and we hope to go again.