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Dale F. Spencer

Is there anyone out there in cyberspace that can help me get some basic biographical information on fighter ace Dale F. Spencer?

I know he has 9.5 air kills and one ground kill, but either my web search skills are terrible or he has done a good job of staying out of the limelight. I just need the basics, birth / death dates, born in what town, resides in (if still alive) what town. I have reason to believe he is still alive. He was in the 361 Fighter Group & 376 Fighter Squadron.

My closest AF connection is my uncle Lt. Col. Lee Mazzarella. He flew Skyraiders, Corsairs and Phantoms in Viet Nam and A-10's out of England in the 80's. He still flies a mean tow plane for the AF Academy in Colorado Springs.

Anything you can do to help me with Dale Spencer woud be most appreciated.


Roger Mazzarella