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Lt. Col. Geoge R. Rew


on the photo page you can find a picture of George Rew's P-51 B "Scarlet Kate":
It shows the 42-106763 B7-R, with 2 claim-markings.
There is a profile showing this plane here:
My question is: When the plane was assigned to G. Rew? When did he shot down enemy planes? What do the small black stripes left of "B7" mean?
I guess on the large black stripe are written the names of pilot and ground crew... Who was the ground crew?
On May 29th 1944 on this plane Maj. Roy A. Webb shot down a FW 190, so the question for me is, did the plane already have the nose art? Surely, at that time there were no "invasion-stripes".

thanks and regards