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Colonel Thomas Christian

I recently visited the British WW1 cemetery at Arras where Col Thomas JJ Christian is believed to be buried. Are there any photographs of the Colonel which might be used as part of a magazine article?



Re: Colonel Thomas Christian

Hi Mike:
Reply to this message with your E-mail address and I will send you a couple of pictures of Col. Christian worth printing.


Re: Colonel Thomas J.J,Christian, Jr.

I'd be interested in seeing pictures of Col. Tho.J.J.Christian, Jr, while he was leading the 361st FG. I have seen his West Point photo...what a resemblence to his great-grandfather Stonewall Jackson!
I am a founding member of the American Air Museum at Duxford Airfield, Cambridgeshire and an avid WWII aviation buff, history reader. I was there last July.
Yes, I'd be interested knowing if his remains had been found and buried where?
God bless these members of That Greatest Generation! Another one like that...won't happen again in this country the way things are going (south in a handbasket!)
Steve Haktanir
Mech/Petro.Engineer, Texas A&M'78
Houston, TX

Re: Colonel Thomas J.J,Christian, Jr.

I have a couple of good photos of Col Christian from the scrapbook of Lt George Lichter whose biography I am working on.

Re: Colonel Thomas J.J,Christian, Jr.

As you will see from the update on the news page of this site I too recently visted Arras and met with local historian Laurent Viart.

Laurent has alot of work regarding Col. Christian and Laurent is 99.9% certain that his final resting place is in the WW1 cemetary at Arras in an unmarked grave as shown on the webpage.

Would love to see any new photos of Col. Christian.

Best regards