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Urban Drews Action Oct 7 1944

Hi everyone

I'm coming along here today asking for information

I'm creating a computer generated image of Lt. Drews
Kills on two Kdo. Nowotny Me 262A1a's.

Heres the image I created so far


Which will be scraped for various reasons.

But so I can get it right next time I'm wondering if anyone has the combat report available or has a direct retelling of this action by Mr Drew himself.

I understand the day was relativity clear at 1400 and that he attacked at a 30 deg angle at about 300m off the ground.

I would love to know if he attacked from left or right and if it was ever recorded what colour the aircraft he shot down were.
Also was it a populated area or open country.

Also is it possible to know how many kills were on the canopy at the time, I figure 4 or 5 if his ground kill was included.

If anyone can help with the report or even better contact Mr Drew himself I would forever appreciate it I really want to get this right

Many thanks

Re: Urban Drews Action Oct 7 1944

Travis -
I have a copy of the action report that Ben signed that day. I just got if from USAF archives.

Contact me at jetconsultant@gmail.com if you wish to get some more information about this engagement.