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USAAF Bottisham Returns!

Hello All,

My name back is Howard Tuck, a full time Historian based in Cambridge. My wife and I are moving our offices into one of the former wartime buildings on the old base at Bottisham. We are restoring the building back to how it exactly looked in WW2 complete with a 361FG sign above the door. Our work is WW2 based and we will welcome any visitors connected to the 361st or indeed USAAF/RAF for a coffee and some 'wartime' style cookies. I am looking for a propellor to put outside the building as a small memorial to the 361st, any help with that would be appreciated. We will be playing music and radio shows from 1943/44/45 throughout the office all day and therefore we hope that it will be a small chunk of the USAAF back at Bottisham after 65 years.

I am also keen to hear from any local folks around Cambridge with an interest in the 361st. My home E-mail is : htuck@talk21.com

All the very best wishes to all from Bottisham,

Howard Tuck

Re: USAAF Bottisham Returns!

Dear Howard :
Thank you for your interest in all things connected with the 361st Fighter Group. You are in good company.
Don't know if Hamilton Standard has any loose props hanging about, but will advise our members of your interest.
Have a happy, healthy new year.
Joe Redden
361st FGA

Re: USAAF Bottisham Returns!

Hi Joe,

Many thanks for the good wishes. I have just returned from a hard day worlking to restore the building. What I really could do with is an idea of what the building was used for in the 361st days. I know from the airfield plans done by the RAF that it was SITE 4 and apparently used for WAAF purposes, but when the USAAF were there I have no idea. If any members may be able to help me out then it would be really great.

I have printed off some photo's from Bottisham and will mount them on the wall of the hut....I am sure that many of the veterans remember how cold Bottisham can be and today was no exception, but the building is really coming on and 'feels' now like it was during WW2.

Any help that anyone can give is much appreciated,

All the best