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Robert Farney - Croghan Cruiser information/pictures

I wish to build a copy of Robert J. Farney's "Croghan Cruiser", P-51 to decorate his room at the hospital. Do you have any pictures or know any features about his plane. What shade of yellow was the engine cowling, was the name on both sides, final number of kills. I have the ID numbers and a decal of the name, only one though and "Waverly Democrat". Was "Waverly" another plane he flew?

Please e-mail me at luckydog53@twcny.rr.com with any information

Re: Robert Farney - Croghan Cruiser information/pictures

My dad, S/Sgt. Alvin H. Walther was the mechanic’s crew chief for the P-51 Mustang E-2 V 414827 so Lt. Robert J. Farney was one of his pilots, I believe his third. You might already know this but “Croghan Cruiser” and “Waverly Democrat” were two of the decals on the same plane. “Croghan Cruiser” was on the left side and “Waverly Democrat” was on the right side. My dad grew up on a farm between Waterloo and Waverly, Iowa. He got to put a name on the right side so he decided on “Waverly Democrat” which is one of the Waverly newspapers. I’ve heard that it was the pilot’s plane while it’s in the air but on the ground it belongs to the crew chief and the mechanics. He passed away on September 4th 2001 so I am just going by what he had always told us. There is a book called “Little Friends“ by Steve Gotts that is a pictorial history of the 361st Fighter Group. On page 124 there is a picture of the plane viewed from the right side and on page 135 there is another of the plane viewed from the left side. I noticed it’s been awhile since you posted your request but I hope the information is still helpful. Good luck!